10 reasons why home physiotherapy is the best treatment option

September 8, 2015

Physiotherapy is a treatment that restores movement and function in the event of chronic or acute injuries, illnesses, and disabilities. It helps reduce pain, promotes recovery, and reduces long-term disabilities that can affect the quality of life.

Nowadays, especially post Covid, people are referring more and more to home physiotherapy. Wondering why? Below are some of the main reasons:

1. The Future is Home Health Care

Today’s world is focused on customer service and convenience. People are getting all their needs from the comfort of their homes.

Home care services are getting more in demand nowadays as people with injuries have a hard time commuting to clinics and hospitals and prefer getting their sessions done at home.

2. Highly Personalized Care

Hospitals and Clinics are planned to admit a high volume of patients. When you choose physiotherapy service at the home, hotel, or at the gym, you get one-on-one care from a DHA-licensed physiotherapist in the comfort of your own environment. The expert therapist will focus on your needs in your own environment for better outcomes.

3. Wide range of treatment options

Physiotherapy helps treat more than just motor skills, function, and injuries it also supports the respiratory system, especially for COPD and post-COVID breathing issues As well as its benefits for clients with Dementia, Alzheimer and Parkinson’s diseases.

4. Extra Comfort

Many patients especially those suffering from conditions that prohibit them from going to clinics and hospitals prefer getting their sessions done in the comfort of their homes.

5. Faster Recovery

Having your physical treatment in the comfort of your home, away from the stress of going to a hospital, traffic, the time off from work, and many other issues can enhance the treatment effect and speed up the recovery.  This is also due to minimized distraction and the focus on the treatment that enables the best healing conditions

6. Eradicates Problems

Clients needing physiotherapy face lots of issues with mobility, injuries, and fatigue which is why commuting to hospitals, might be difficult for them. Using transportation can cause them extra stress which results in skipping sessions and delaying recovery. That is why home health care is important as patients receive treatment at home eliminating most issues they face.

7. Time-convenient

Opposite to clinics and hospitals where the schedule is tight and the clients have to fit a session as per the convenience of the center. Home health care adjusts the time of the session for the convenience of the patients.

Furthermore, staying at home reduce the time needed to commute to clinics and helps clients feel less stressed. 

8. Cost effective

Aside from the money saved from using public or private transportation or taking a day off from work, in-home physiotherapy cost less than clinic physiotherapy.

Clients who need more session benefits from discounts that you can’t avail of at any center making it more affordable than other options.

9. Safer and prevent risks of falling

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, in-home physiotherapy help assess patients’ environment and provides ergonomics advice in order to fall-proof the client’s environment and prevent further injuries.

10. Enhance independence

When you chose home physiotherapy you get full support at home, not only for physical and emotional needs but environmental as well.

Client’s get customized physio care and treatment options that use their environment in order to increase independence and help them utilize their own place to promote healing

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