11 Types of At-Home IV Drips Treatment in Dubai

July 7, 2023

Prioritizing our health and taking care of ourselves is highly important, especially in the fast-paced world we live in nowadays. Our at-home IV drip treatments are accessible to anyone in Dubai who would like to improve their wellness from the comfort of their homes. We will briefly explore 11 types of at-home IV drip treatments and how they target specific health issues. We will discuss the benefits, ingredients, and methods behind each of these treatments and how they can help you to achieve your desired goals accordingly. With the help of this guide, you will have a better understanding of the different options that are available to you. Whether you want to receive essential nutrients, boost your immune system, or re-energize your skin, we will help you to make the best decision.

1. Power Booster Drip

Salamati’s energy IV drip therapy includes vitamins, amino acids, and other nutrients that will help to boost your energy level when you feel that you are exhausted and lack energy. Since the nutrients will directly go into your bloodstream, it will have a more quick and efficient effect. You will receive vitamins such as B12 and B6 which are highly important in producing energy and metabolism. It also contains amino acids that support your muscle health and reduces fatigue and tiredness. Minerals like magnesium and potassium will help to support proper muscle function and keep you hydrated. Since nutrients will bypass your digestive system, they will be absorbed faster and you can see a more noticeable energy boost compared to when you take oral supplements.

2. Hair Vitality IV Drip Therapy

Our hair vitality IV drip therapy is a specialized treatment that is designed to promote healthy hair and scalp. You will receive a targeted mix of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids such as collagen, zinc, and vitamin B complex directly into your bloodstream. This can reduce hair loss and enhance the quality of your health. After receiving this treatment, your hair will look shiny and strong. Our treatment can be especially helpful to people who have thinner hair strands or would like to improve the appearance of their hair. Our treatment is safe and can be customized according to your personal needs.

3. Hangover Relief (After-Party Drip)

It will help you to recover from the dehydration that is caused by consuming alcohol. Drinking alcohol in an excess amount can lead to losing electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium which are crucial for the body to function properly. You will receive a customized blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help you rehydrate your body quickly. Our hangover relief IV drip typically includes electrolytes such as potassium and sodium, which are highly important to help you restore hydration and balance the level of electrolytes in your body. You will also receive B-complex and vitamin B12 which are helpful in reducing fatigue and boosting energy levels.

4. Immunity system boost

With the help of our immunity system boost IV treatment, you can receive vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants such as vitamin C, selenium, etc, that will help boost your immunity system. It will also assist you to recover faster from illnesses such as the flu and even prevent it. It can help you with supporting immune cell production and, boost your immune response. Immune-boosting nutrients such as vitamin C, zinc, selenium, and antioxidants are also included which are important nutrients to support your immune system’s function. It will also enhance your body’s ability to defend against infections and diseases. With the help of this IV drip, nutrients will reach your target cells and tissues faster.

5. Beauty IV Drip Therapy

With the help of our beauty IV drip therapy, you can enhance different aspects of your beauty and skin health. This therapy can provide you with a mix of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients and can help you to nourish your skin from the inside. Nutrients such as vitamin C, biotin, collagen, and glutathione will help you to reduce any signs of aging and enhance your skin’s natural glow. You can also protect your skin from oxidative stress and increase collagen production with the help of vitamin C which is a very powerful antioxidant. This will also help with your skin’s elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Biotin will also support your hair, skin, and nails to be more healthy. With the help of collagen, you can maintain your skin’s firmness and elasticity. Glutathione is an antioxidant that will help to lighten your skin and reduces hyperpigmentation. With the help of all of these nutrients, you can restore a youthful appearance or even prepare for special events.


6. Fat Burner Drip

Our IV injection can assist you to reach your goals and objectives regarding losing weight. It will provide you with a mix of vitamins and amino acids to ensure your body has the necessary nutrients to support the metabolism as it goes through the weight loss journey. It can also help restrain your appetite and reduce food cravings. The presence of nutrients such as B vitamins in our IV fat burner drip, will help to boost metabolism. Also, amino acids like L-carnitine can help with the transportation of fatty acids into the cell’s mitochondria. They will be used there to produce energy. With the help of our iv therapy alongside a balanced diet and physical activity, you can achieve your weight loss goals.

7. Detox IV Drip Therapy

Our detox IV drip therapy is a specialized IV treatment that will help to support your body’s natural detoxification processes and will also help to promote your overall detoxification and cleansing. You will receive a mix of vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients that will help eliminate toxins and waste products from your body.

Nutrients such as vitamin C, glutathione, and B vitamins, will help your body neutralize harmful free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. Also, minerals like magnesium will support liver function. Your liver plays an important role in detoxifying the body and by receiving detoxifying nutrients directly into your bloodstream, you can quickly absorb these nutrients and help your body with the detoxification process. Our IV therapy is very helpful for people who feel tired or exposed to environmental toxins. Whoever wants to support their liver health or promote overall well-being, can receive benefits from our detox IV drip therapy.

8. Anti-Stress IV Drip

Anti-Stress IV Drip Therapy is very helpful to reduce stress and promote relaxation. You can receive a customized mix of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to support your body’s stress response and overall well-being. You can receive nutrients such as B vitamins, magnesium, and amino acids like taurine and GABA. B vitamins are important to support your nervous system and energy production. Magnesium has calming effects and can help your muscles to relax. Amino acids like taurine and GABA will help to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. Our anti-Stress IV drip therapy will help to absorb and maximize utilization by your body. This therapy can be very beneficial for people who experience high levels of stress, and anxiety, or who want to achieve relaxation. If you also struggle with sleep or if you are facing challenges and stressful periods, you can definitely use our IV drip therapy.

9. Liver Detox IV Drip

Our liver detox IV drip therapy includes nutrients such as vitamin C, glutathione, B vitamins, and amino acids that will help your liver to eliminate toxins and waste products from your body. With the aid of these nutrients, you can neutralize harmful free radicals and reduce oxidative stress on your liver. For example, B vitamins are very important in supporting liver function and amino acids help in the synthesis of necessary compounds that are helpful with detoxification processes. This therapy benefits anyone who wants to support their liver function or might have been exposed to environmental toxins. Even if have a history of alcohol consumption or you are undergoing medical treatments that might affect liver health, you can use our liver detox IV drip therapy.

10. Jet Lag Revival IV Drip

This Jet Lag Revival IV Drip Therapy is specialized to help reduce your jet lag symptoms and assist you to recover faster after long-distance travels. By receiving nutrients such as B vitamins, magnesium, and vitamin C, you can restore your body’s balance and energy levels. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and will help to reduce the fatigue that is caused by traveling. Magnesium will help you to relax and also reduces muscle tension. Meanwhile, B vitamins will help to support energy production and metabolism. Our IV drip can be very beneficial for travelers who experience fatigue, disrupted sleep patterns, and in general exhaustion after long flights and time zone changes. After receiving our IV therapy, you can recover more quickly, easily adapt to new time zones, and resume your regular activities with minimal downtime.

11. NAD+ Drip

NAD+ is a coenzyme that is found in all living cells. It has an important role in different biological processes such as energy production and cellular metabolism. Perticulary is involved in the production of ATP (the energy currency of cells). Our NAD+ IV therapy will boost NAD+ levels in your body since, by aging, these levels will gradually reduce. With the help of this IV therapy, you can boost your overall wellness, help your body receive potential anti-aging effects, and improve energy production, especially in brain cells.

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