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What is Lactation Consulation?

Everyone agrees about breastfeeding’s importance and benefits to both the mother and newborn. However not everyone gets It easily, some mommies face no issues whilst others face lots of obstacles.

Have no worries Salamati team is here to help you set for a good start. Whatever the issue you’re facing our consultant is here to help and support you.

A lactation consultant is a certified health professional who specializes in breastfeeding issues. They can help mothers with issues like low milk supply, sore nipples, and breastfeeding positions.


Why Choose Our Lactation Support Service

Salamati Team of Experts is here for you 24/7 and will help with the following:
  • Learning how to get a deep, good latch with step-by-step guidance
  • Latching with inverted/ short nipples with and without the use of nipple shields.
  • Hand expressing and breast massage techniques to improve milk supply
  • Knowing if your baby had enough milk
  • Preventing and managing pain and breast issues (mastitis, blisters, and sore nipples)
  • Helping you into a comfortable breastfeeding position.
  • Dietary advice to increase and maintain milk supply
  • Handling expressed milk and storage guidelines
  • Effective breast pumping techniques to maintain milk supply


Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding has health benefits for both the mom and baby. It provides the best nutrition for babies and helps the mom prevent diseases.

Below are the Five great benefits of breastfeeding:
  • Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for most babies.
    As the baby grows, the mother’s breast milk will change to meet her baby’s nutritional needs.
  • Breastfeeding can help protect babies against some short- and long-term illnesses and diseases.
    Breastfed babies have a lower risk of asthma, obesity, type 1 diabetes, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Breastfed babies are also less likely to have ear infections and stomach bugs.
  • Breast milk shares antibodies from the mother with her baby.
    These antibodies help babies develop a strong immune system and protect them from illnesses.
  • Mothers can breastfeed anytime and anywhere.
    Mothers can feed their babies on the go without worrying about having to mix formula or prepare bottles. When traveling, breastfeeding can also provide a source of comfort for babies whose normal routine is disrupted.
  • Breastfeeding can reduce the mother’s risk of breast and ovarian cancer, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure.
    Breastfeeding has health benefits for the mother too! Some cancers, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure are less common among women who breastfeed.

Our Lactation Specialist Will Help You With

Both mom and baby need to be comfortable during breastfeeding. The baby’s neck should be well supported for him to latch correctly. The mom should be relaxed as well to prevent sores.

Nipple Care

While breastfeeding it’s important to care for your nipples to prevent sores and blisters. Some women find it soothing to apply the cream in the early days, whilst others prefer home remedies and avoid all kinds of creams even organic ones. Our nurses can provide you with the best home remedies to care for your nipples.

Breast Pumps

Pumping your milk is another way to breastfeed your child. If your newborn keeps crying and you’re not sure of the amount of milk they are getting or in case you need to go back to work after your maternity leave Salamati team are here to help.

Hand Expressing

Our team will help you with the initial painful engorgement you face as the milk arrives. They will also help soften the breast before the latching and can assist in avoiding mastitis. The consultation can help you master the technique of hand expression.

Frequently Asked Questions
From Our Patients

Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our at-home lactation consultation service. If you have a query that isn’t covered below, please call us anytime.

  • When will the breastmilk come?
  • Does the size of the breast affect milk production?
  • Am I producing sufficient milk for my baby?
  • How to avoid and soothe engorged breasts
When will the breastmilk come?

It’s common to hear the phrase: “My milk didn’t come yet”. Rest assured that from the moment you give birth, colostrum is produced. Colostrum is a thick, milky substance rich in antibodies, which precedes the production of breast milk. Breastmilk is produced a couple of days after giving birth.

Does the size of the breast affect milk production?

No, the size of the breast does not affect milk supply. Most women produce enough milk as per their baby’s needs regardless of their breast size.

Am I producing sufficient milk for my baby?

Most women commonly worry if they are producing enough milk. You can take note of a few signs such as:

  • If your newborn has 7 to 8 wet nappies per day
  • If your baby is steadily gaining weight each week
  • If your baby is getting hungry after 2 to 3 hours

If your breasts feel full between feeds and drain after nursing

How to avoid and soothe engorged breasts

Some women may experience painful breasts because they are too full. Breast engorgement usually happens when a mom produces more milk than what a baby can use, in this case pumping your milk supply reduce the engorgement hence the pain. Breasts may also swell up due to blocked ducts. In such instances, you can try cold compresses or cabbage leaves to reduce the swelling.

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Most moms agree on breastfeeding benefits; however, it doesn’t come as easy to some as the others. At Salamati we are here for you, contact us now and get all the support you need at your home.

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