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What is a stroke?

There are two main types of strokes: Ischemic stroke and Hemorrhagic stroke. An ischemic stroke happens when the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain is blocked. Ischemic stroke is accountable for 80% of all strokes. A hemorrhagic stroke happens when an artery in the brain bursts. There are two main types of hemorrhagic stroke.

The Signs and symptoms of stroke include the following:
  • Trouble talking and understanding others
  • Paralysis or numbness of the face, arm, or leg
  • Vision trouble in one or both eyes
  • Sudden severe Headache
  • Dizziness and trouble walking


Benefits of Salamati’s Stroke Rehabilitation Program

The main goal of stroke survivors is to return to living independently at home. But even with the help of family members and caregivers, recovery can be Challenging. The following are some common Benefits of the Salamati Stroke management program:
  • 24/7 monitoring of the clients, checking vital and detecting any sign of complications at the earliest
  • Providing support and targeted education for the patient and his family about disease, medication, and rehabilitation
  • Minimizing impairments and injuries by providing constant supervision to clients
  • Enhancing function and mobility through an extensive exercise routine managed by our physiotherapists
  • Promoting patient’s independence, as per abilities, physical and emotional well being
  • Improving nutrition by following Salamati’s dietician meal plan, and assisting in feeding when needed to prevent choking and inhalations
  • Providing Tube Feeding in case Clients got an NGT or a PEG tube during hospitalization
  • Monitoring Urine output and fluid balance and informing physicians of any issue
  • Providing Respiratory care (including Tracheostomy care and suction)


Expert Stroke Management Team

  • Skilled Nurses to assist patients in the activity of daily living, such as eating, walking, and dressing. In addition to medication management, fall prevention, and overall monitoring of patient condition and vitals
  • Physical therapist to help restore physical functioning and treat problems with movement, balance, and coordination
  • Speech therapist to help clients regain language and communication skills and address swallowing problems
  • Mental health counseling to help the patient cope with emotional and behavioral changes that mostly occur after a stroke
  • Physicians home visit so that order patients medicines and blood tests follow up on his treatment plan, and perform a comprehensive assessment.

Why Choose Salamati’s Stroke Management

Salamati’s has been the provider of choice in the home care field for more than 10 years.

Our DHA-licensed multidisciplinary team receives extensive training and provides the best quality of Care in the UAE.

In addition, Salamati is the only home health care provider in the middle east that provides cutting-edge soft robotic technology.


Soft Robotics Role in Stroke Recovery

Most people who suffered from a stroke or any neurological injuries experience loss of motor function in one or both hands. Those disabilities can significantly reduce the quality of life for those patients and affect their ability to perform activities of daily living.

Salamati’s Portable rehabilitation robotic gloves help clients reduce muscle cramps, increase grip strength, and improve overall hand coordination.
How? By bending and straightening fingers using air-filled chambers. It also provides necessary stretching and repetitive exercises to restore lost hand function and mobility.

The device is very safe and easy to transport, allowing patients to wear it for daily activities without feeling discomfort or frustration. It is also customizable so clients can make it fit perfectly to the size of their hand.
Be part of the new innovative stroke rehabilitation treatment in the UAE. Call us now and claim your free session with the soft robotic Glove.


Frequently Asked Questions
From our Patients

Having questions regarding our stroke management at home, call us now and get all your doubts clear from the Salamati team! Here are some of our clients FAQs.

  • What happens when a stroke patient comes home?
  • Can you go back to normal after a stroke?
  • What is the best exercise for a stroke patient?
  • What is robot-assisted rehabilitation?
What happens when a stroke patient comes home?

The rehabilitation journey starts upon discharge so is the hard work. Clients should expect to go home with new medications, rehabilitation plans including physio and speech therapy, new diet plan to manage blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

Can you go back to normal after a stroke?

The process of recovery depends on the damage done by the stroke and is very different from one person to another. Although some people may recover quickly, others may need long-term support to help them regain as much independence as possible.

What is the best exercise for a stroke patient?

Walking, cycling, cross-training, and many other forms of exercise that get your heart pumping are extremely useful for stroke recovery.

What is robot-assisted rehabilitation?

Robotic rehabilitation therapy is a treatment that uses technology to deliver high-dosage and high-intensity training, making it very useful for patients with motor disorders caused by stroke or spinal cord disease.

A robotic glove is a powered device that helps people suffering from hand weakness or paralysis. As per its name, it is a glove that you can put in your hand to augment your grasping capabilities.

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