6 Tips for Caring for Seniors and Elders At home

October 6, 2022

As our parents and loved one’s age, their psychological condition, physical power, and behavior change. It becomes progressively harder for them to live independently.  Whether due to illness, mobility issues, or loneliness. Which requires them more support and care.

At Salamati, we believe that it is our responsibility to take care of elders in the comfort of their homes in order to prolong their lives, help them age with dignity and maintain their independence as much as possible.

Below are some guidelines on how we care for your seniors at home::

1. Adjusting the home to their needs

As people age, they become more vulnerable and at high risk for falls and injuries. Making environmental changes at your home is essential to prevent the risk of disabilities. Some of the changes needed are:

  • Removing all kinds of extra furniture lying around the house that might trip elders while moving
  • Installing grab bars near the toilet and the shower
  • Ensuring all cables and wires are placed away to prevent falls
  • Putting non-slippery mats in the toilet, shower, and other areas in the house

Installing night lights in all areas surrounding seniors so that they can return safely to their rooms if they wake up at night.

2. Hiring home healthcare staff

Dubai is a fast-paced city where everyone is busy working; we spend most of our time at work, which makes it hard to properly care for elders at home.

If your elder needs more supervision or is suffering from a disease that needs special care, you might need to think of hiring a professional in-home senior care. Salamati Healthcare has expert nurses trained to attend to your loved one’s needs in the comfort of your home.

3. Making an exercise routine

It is a well-known fact that regular exercise maintains elders’ functionality protects them from disease and helps them feel younger and healthier. Helping them stay active and assisting them in exercising is an excellent step to maintaining their independence, morals, and health.

4. Arranging elderly medicines

Most of Salamati’s seniors get our help due to mismanagement of medications. As elders grow, they tend to forget to either take their medicines, take them twice or take a completely wrong dose. This can lead to serious health problems and hospital admission. Other reasons for medication errors could be poor eyesight, memory problems, sleepiness, or other health issues.

In some cases, mismanaging medicine can be fatal like insulin! However, worry not; Salamati is here to assist you in managing senior medicines.

5. Keeping your senior socially active

While Aging lots of seniors lose their jobs, health, and some family and friends, those losses tend to isolate them and create a feeling of loneliness and eventually depression.

That is why it is important for elders to stay connected with family and friends. Minor things like walking together, playing cards, shopping, or just talking can help elders feel better.

If unable to do so due to their commitments then they should at least have a companion or caregiver to prevent isolation and depression.

6. Sharing Meals

Seniors tend to forget to eat or prepare meals. It could be due to a lack of interest, loneliness, depression, or other health issues. Sharing a meal with them will let them feel more engaged and valued and it will increase their appetite.

About Salamati Healthcare

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