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What is urinary catheterization?

Urinary Catheterization is a procedure in which a catheter is inserted in the patient’s body to let fluids drain out. In urinary catheterization, a catheter tube is introduced into the patient’s bladder to let the urine pass out of the body.

The drained urine is collected by a drainage bag that is attached to the catheter and is usually attached at the bedside.

It’s essential that catheterization nurses have enough experience and knowledge in order to perform this procedure efficiently.

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Who Needs Catheterization?

A urine catheter is usually indicated for patients who experience difficulty in passing urine naturally or those unable to empty the urinary bladder completely. It is also required in case of incontinence. A condition where an individual is unable to control his/her urination.

Salamati’s skilled catheterization Nurses are here for you 24/7 In Dubai and the Northern emirates to help you attach the urinary catheter.

Urinary catheterization is usually done for a short term. However, some patients might depend on the catheters for passing the urine for a lifetime. Usually, Elderlies come under this category.

Home catheterization support is Essential for bedridden individuals, who are unable to get out of their bed due to surgery, spinal cord injuries, age-related degeneration, or any other medical condition. In such circumstances, urine catheterization care at home helps the patient pass urine properly and conveniently in the comfort of Home.


Urine Catheterization Care at Home

Salamati offers the highest standards of Urine Catheterization Care at Home in Dubai and surrounding areas. Our services include placement, replacement, and removal of catheters following all the international safety measures and aseptic techniques.

Our highly skilled nurses are trained, DHA registered, and specialized in supporting Clients in the best of ways, as per international best practice guidelines. Our goal is to help clients live as independently as possible in the comfort of their own homes, but with the reassurance of receiving the same care, they get in a hospital or clinic. They are knowledgeable regarding many different kinds of catheters including standard catheters, indwelling catheters, and Supra-pubic catheters

Our services include catheter changing, bladder retraining, avoiding complications and discomfort, and educating clients regarding proper care and maintenance.
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Types of Catheterizations

There are 3 main types of catheters:

Indwelling catheter

An indwelling urinary catheter is one that is left in the bladder. you may use an indwelling catheter for a short time or a long time. It collects urine by attaching to a drainage bag. the bag has a valve that can be opened to allow urine to flow out.

Condom Catheter

Condom catheters can be used by men with incontinence. there is no tube placed inside the penis. instead, a condom-like device is placed over the penis. a tube leads from this device to a drainage bag. the condom catheter must be changed every day.

Intermittent Catheter

You would use an intermittent catheter when you only need to use a catheter sometimes or you do not want to wear a bag. you or your caregiver will insert the catheter to drain the bladder and then remove it. this can be done only once or several times a day.

Usual Questions
From Our Patients

Below is a summary of frequently asked questions regarding our Urine Catheter Care at home service. If you have a query that isn’t covered below, please call our caregivers anytime.

  • What areas do you cover?
  • How can I find a nurse near me?
  • What are the qualification of Salamati Nurses?
  • Can I pay online for your services?
What areas do you cover?

Our services are currently available in Dubai and the Northern Emirates. However if a client needs 24 hours nursing we can provide the service to Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

How can I find a nurse near me?

You can choose from multiple options to find Salamati nurses near you – Book online, request a call back on our website, or simply dial our number. Our case managers will schedule for you the nearest skilled nurses in your area who can treat your condition.

What are the qualification of Salamati Nurses?

We have experienced nurses who are graduates and are registered by the Dubai Health Authority. They are carefully selected after going through proper background verification.

Can I pay online for your services?

Yes,  We have hassle-free secure online payment

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